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Apollo 13 - IT Service Management Simulation - Case Experience™

One-day Session You Will Never Forget!

Learn and experience the benefits of best practice processes and solutions during the Apollo 13 Simulation; a real time experience.

The Apollo Game shows the necessity to work with processes, procedures, clear roles and enforces continuous improvement with the concerned team.

Course overview:

The Apollo 13 one day course is based upon participation in a simulation workshop. During the workshop, students will see, feel, and experience the benefits of structured processes (e.g. by applying ITIL® best practice) on organisational performance.

The participants will have to work together as a team (role: mission control centre in Houston) to make decisions, agree and apply their own working practices in order to save the Apollo 13 astronauts. The simulation consists of four rounds. Before each round, the team will have the chance to design their procedures and allocate roles. Following each simulation round, the team, under the guidance of the trainer, will reflect upon learning experiences and identify and prioritize improvements required before the next round. In between ea round, the team will produce balanced scorecard reports to show how well they have achieved their goals and will specify how their improvements for the next round will impact the agreed goals.

Target Group

This exercise is designed for:


  • IT employees, IT managers, process managers, project manager, team managers, and others who want to improve their working processes.

  • Employees requiring more ITIL® knowledge or experience.

  • Employees who want to experience the ITIL® and best practice processes in practice.

  • Key stakeholders within the organization as well as quality related persons (e.g. out from the continuous improvement program)

  • People who want to improve their team efficiency.

The course materials, lectures, and lab exercises are in English.  

Benefit of this simulation

  • You a fundamental insight within ITIL® best practice framework. You learn how to implement processes

  • You experience the interdependencies between the processes and feel the consequences and results to the whole organization

  • You learn how a good concepts improves continuously the whole output of a service and will get more experience in designing, optimizing of processes as well as allocating resources

  • You will have the experience how to make a team more effective and efficient; how to use the team resources more optimized

  • Overall you will realize how you can improve within your working environment you work processes in a continuous way.



    The uniqueness of this game

  • All ITIL® processes are addressed within the simulation.

  • Applicable Service Improvement Process

  • The entire lifecycle of services is used within the learning process.

  • A balanced set of performance indicators for service delivery is used.

  • Service level reporting is required at the end of each round.

  • Real life situation are used for reflection purposes

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